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Anyone here a fan of Percy Jackson?

This is my armature attempt at trying to steal like an artist. If you guys enjoy what I give tonight, perhaps i’ll show more tomorrow, and so on and so forth. Anyways, the prologue to Son Of Thanatus

Son Of Thanatus


As the tall, lanky, tussled black haired man stood against the nightlight of Las Vegas. The strip in the distance as he stood atop the Luxor, he was greeted with an eerie familiar presence. As his freshly pressed black and silver suit fluttered in the slight breeze like feathers in the breeze, he turned to see his mother, Nyx. Her obsidian black hair and pale features made her look sumptuously decrepit.

“Hello, Thanatos”. She said with a cold smile. Thanatos, not turning to meet his mother’s face, kept looking towards the city of bad luck.

“Hello, Nyx”. Thanatos greeted her with a cold harshness in his voice. “What are you doing here?” He said.

“Can’t a mother visit her favorite son without him giving her the negative third degree?” Nyx said sarcastically as she walked across the bright light of the Luxor pyramid, it dimmed and faded like a dying light just by her mere presence.

“No”. Thanatos said. His mother placed a hand on his shoulder, even the god of death felt his bone chill with her touch. “What is it that you want Nyx?” He demanded this time.

“It’s your son”. Nyx said in a serious tone. Her grip tightened around his shoulder blade. “He’s in terrible danger my son”. She said. The god of death did not care for many things in the mortal world, but his son, was his only brightness at the end of a very dark and damp tunnel.

“What about him?” Thanatos said with his found voice. He turned to Nyx, the first time he had looked at his mother in eons.

“There is going to be a great war my son”. Nyx said. Genuine sympathy filled her voice. For the night goddess, even she felt sympathy for her children, and her children’s children. “Between the minor gods and Mount Olympus,” She said in a serious tone. “I’ve spoken with the fates…” Nyx said. Thanatos showed little care for the fates, but he worked alongside them, and Hades himself. It was hard not to eavesdrop every now and then.

“I know this…” He said with grimace in his voice. “I’ve been preparing for it for some time now…but what does this have to do with my son?”

Nyx looked towards the city, she smiled for a moment and for a moment, Thanatos saw that spark his mother had all those eons ago. It quickly faded as she looked back at him.

“Your son is extraordinarily gifted in your ways Thanatos; it’s only a matter of time before they…find him”. She said with the same grimace as her son.

“Do not think of such things!” Thanatos said. His ebony black wings sprouted from his back in a rush of anger. He soon calmed. “Don’t think even for a moment, I’d let my son, my only flesh and blood…be taken from me again”. Thanatos said. He looked at his mother the night Goddess for a few moments. His breathing calmed, as did his mind.

“Thanatos,” Nyx said in a calming manner. “If your son is to fight in the wars that are to come from this…he will surly die as was his-“.

“Enough!” He shouted. The air became stagnant with his reverbing voice. “If they touch a single hair on my son, my wife…either of them,” Thanatos said looking at Nyx; his eyes turned a silvery black as his wings flapped in the night. “Then the god’s will be the least of their worries”. In a haze of feathers and blackness Thanatos, the god of death, was gone from the Goddess of the night’s sight.

Nyx huffed under her breath as she silently sobbed to herself for a moment.

“I’m sorry my son,” She said in sorrow. “But it’s already been written…”


Personal Hero

Having a personal Hero is a good thing to have. Many of writers have or have had on in the past, granted I don’t know who or what, but I do know I have a personal Hero. For me it’s Rick Riordan. Author of the Percy Jackson series and Hero’s of Olympus, not to mention the Kane Chronicles.I don’t know what it was that made me want to write in the first place, but if I had to pin-point a starting point, it would have to be after I read his first book “The lightning thief.” Truly it was an amazing book, great detail, great plot, characters, story line, good god’s it was amazing!
I have based many of my own stories off of his, Camp Half-blood, Chiron, the Olympians, the monsters, the quests. I’ve made my own with twists on them, non of the original characters “Many the god’s forgive me.” But I have always given him credit for what I have done even if it won’t get published. But all that I do know is without Rick Riordan, Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and so many other of the characters I absolutely fell in love with from the start, i’m not sure I would be here typing this to you now.
It’s great to have a personal hero. And who knows, maybe because of your personal hero inspiring your work, you might just have someone say that you are their personal hero. Now that, is a great feeling.