Picking a side

In a story, short, or novel, there are always two sides. A good side, and a bad side, both of which are pretty fun to mess around with.
Me personally, I do like the good side, but have been known to side with the bad side a few times.
On one hand you have a hero of some sorts, fighting for what he or she loves and will stop at nothing to make it happen. But on the other you have the bad side, misunderstood and hating what the hero has.
But sometimes, just sometimes the bad side turns in the middle of the story, and in the end turns out to be the greatest hero of all time…If i might add the creator of Atherton, in the midst of the story, the crazed king turns out to be “Spoilers if you haven’t read it” the creator of the fable world that is in our stars just above earth, it truly is amazing. Once a crazed madman, now turned back to the god of the world Atherton.

All I can add to this is, weather good or bad, each side has it’s own world, it’s own story. Which side will you pick?


Choosing a voice

Every single writer in the world, the greatest literary figures of our generation and time all share one universal thing in common, a voice.
A voice is something that every writer shares in their work. A voice has to stem from some sort of experience in your past if I am not mistaken, weather it be a traumatic experience, a happy memory of a loved one or just wanting to write for the simple joy and wonder of creating something new. Either way, whatever it is inside of you telling you to write, it is your voice.

“Every story has a heart behind it, and every heart has a story to tell…what’s your story?”

Musical Inspiration

I think we all know what i’m talking about here right? Listening to music is a great source of inspiration not just for writing, but all sorts of different things. If your feeling angry, you could listen to a really emotional song that matches what your feeling. for instance if your feeling mad, you might want to take a crack at some Disturbed, or if your extremely happy I should suggest anything by Paratonix or perhaps Imagine Dragons. Either way you will not be disappointed in any type of music that you choose because, it’s limitless.
Music is limitless, much like creativity and nothing can combine the two things I really like better than a good song. Let’s face it music is creativity and writing wrapped into one, people pour their hearts and souls into these songs and create something beautiful that could almost never be captured again.
Creativity is much like making music, it takes time and effort to make it work just right, and if your hearts not in it…it will almost certainly never be good.

First Blog

Hello, not really sure how to start this. I am a writer in my small town of Riverton Wyoming, my life dream is to become not only an accomplished author, but a well known author as well. Writing to me is what breathing is to everyone else…natural. If your a writer like me who is trying to accomplish something like this, great I admire that and respect you. If you wish to share stories or novels written either by you or others, please share them I love a good story. For my first blog I say this is pretty good, thanks for the read.