Rude awakening

Guys, I have to say it, it’s not gonna happen for quite a long time, yeah we all know what I’m saying. Being published is not an over night thing, in fact it takes anywhere from three to even five years, unless you are quite successful it will take about that long. Now if you are quite successful as a write “props to you” it will take about one to about two and a half years, but that’s after years and years of writing and being rejected multiple times, but then it happens, you get published after a long, long time and after that it will get somewhat easier, now you have people you can talk to about the publishing, you are given a deadline and it will take a few years for it to get published again, but as time wears out and you become more skilled and your toolbox starts to fill up, it will become slightly easier, and easier, but remember guys the first time it happens, it wont happen for quite a long time and we all have to accept it and learn to live with it, we aren’t in any power when it comes to the final publishing process, it’s up to the people that are qualified to do as such and we have to accept that.
“Sorry for the blathering on”


Know your Mythology

Word of warning people, mythology is hard to nail, and in fact it takes a few years to actually accumulate such a collection of mythology that you can say you know something about it. I’m going on my I believe fifth year of both Greek and Roman Mythology “God’s and Goddesses ext.” all that good stuff, but it took me years to develop the knowledge and know how in order to say “Oh yeah I know a lot about such and such, and I know a lot about this type of mythical creature, it’s weaknesses, who killed it in battle.” and that’s not even half of what I have to know in order for what I want to do. Know mythology guys, if you want to become a fiction writer such as myself, you have to know it, and sometimes it doesn’t even have to be about mythology, anything really, not just Roman and Greek, any type will do really Viking, Norse, Egyptian, literally any type of mythology you can think of you can do, but you have to do it right, ha, ha don’t just make up your own mythology while trying to write about another. Now if you want to write about your own Mythology, no one says you can’t, and only you can decide what is right and wrong in your own style of Mythology, now that would be interesting.

Always show thanks.

I was recently with my Creative writing teacher Mr.Taylor, “Sorry Taylor random people now know, deal with it.” ha, ha but as I was showing him my blog and everything I was surprised that he actually thought it was cool that, aside from another student, I had made a blog about what we were going over and what I had learned in class and took it to heart. And i was thinking, I really do need to thank people because without them I wouldn’t be here, without the help of my friends and him then I really wouldn’t be here blogging about it, ha, ha. So thank you all my friends “Way to many to count,” and thank you Mr. Taylor. He’s the guy that always gives it to me straight with my writing, not just tell me i’m amazing at it, that’s not helpful to me at all, he gives it to me as straight as he can and for that I do thank him tremendously.
Always show gratitude to those who have helped you along the way to accomplishing your dreams, or even if you are still on the road just as I am, and who knows, our roads might connect at some point and we can walk together for a while.

Two sentences

You and your friend are having a sleepover, he goes to the bathroom leaving you in your room playing your video games. He comes back and lays under the covers, you not taking your eyes off the screen until you hear a loud banging on your window. You turn to see the lifeless body of your friend hanging outside the window, you realize, it’s not your friend underneath the covers…

These stories are amazing, post your two sentence horror story, and if you can’t come up with one then comment your favorite, there are tons of them and they are all amazingly creepy. Go on don’t be shy, I don’t bite…hard that is.

Horror Story for October

Among the Not-So-Dead

I awoke, not because I wanted to of course, but because I heard this infernal low hum that was ringing in my ears. I open my eyes, and for a brief moment they adjust to the dimly lit room around me
“What the heck.” I say as I try to get up, my arms twinge in pain, as I look my arms are hooked up to a machine. It seems to be a heart rate monitor; I pull the needles and tubes from my arm and after a moment and a slight cringe of pain as the last one came out I collected my thoughts “happened to me?”
I was in a hospital room, but I don’t remember much, I know my name is Daemon, I know I’m a white Caucasian male and I’m 17 years old, but other than that, my mind is a blank slate.
“N-Nurse,” I say very quietly at first as I am nervous and a little afraid. I look down at my right arm and notice that, attached around my arm is a little red wrist band. “Nurse!” I shout this time; I’m not surprised when I hear nothing in response. I don’t hear anyone outside of my room, no one came in to check if I was okay, or even alive for that matter…No one apparently cared, or perhaps they were all just busy with something else…Yeah, I was going to go on that.
My room is rather small I look around for a moment and see that there is a white sheet now lying on the floor, a few bags of blood off to my side that had been halfway filled, possible to help me? I don’t know.
I take caution, of course, as I put my legs over the side of the bed and take my first steps on the whit, linoleum floor. It’s at this time that I hear a sudden banging outside of my door, I pause for a moment, for a moment I believe that someone is checking up on me, possible the nurse, or even a doctor if I was lucky. But no one came in, just another loud thump!
“Odd,” I say quietly to myself. I walk to the door and silently turn the cold, metallic door know, and I open the door just a hair to see what was on the other side. I see to my confusion, no one. Even odder I think to myself. It’s a hospital; shouldn’t this place at least have some nurses and doctors walking about?
I muster up what little courage that I have and take my first step out into the open hallway, and as I do I can hear some people, but I don’t know where they are exactly. I walk for a few minutes before taking a pause at a drinking fountain. And upon drinking, I believe I hear talking, no, more like whispering, I look around for a moment, but again, I saw no one.
“This is ridiculous.” I say to myself as I walk down the hall some more, my feet making a distinct slap-slap-slap on the linoleum as I walk. I turn the corner; I see a hallway full of doorways, and I think to myself for a moment, and agree that it would be the best thing to at least try some of the doors to see if someone else was here.
I come to the first door and try to open it, I grip the metallic door know and pull downwards expecting it to swing open, it was locked. I pull a little harder, and again nothing happens. The door was locked, but I swear I could hear faint whispering from the other side of the doorway.
I press my ear to the doorway, hoping to hear someone or something at least try to communicate with me. And as I press my ear closer, I faintly hear a woman’s voice say.
“Please, go away.”
I pause for a moment, I back away from the door stunned. Somebody knew that I was awake; somebody knew that I was there…And they didn’t help. I was a little hurt, but as I went on it was all more-or-less the same…
“Please go away.”
“Do you think he will leave?”
“Why didn’t we just tie him down?”
I don’t know why, I was hurt; I couldn’t really be that bad, could I? And as I walk down the hallway, my arms at my side as they swung a little, I couldn’t help but hate them. It’s like when your five years old and you wanted someone to pay attention to a new thing you learned, you want to be the center of attention for just those few moments until everyone forgets again. Yeah, it was like that, only I was 17 and these people knew I was there…They just didn’t want to help.
I hear something behind me; I freeze for a moment in panic as it got a little closer. I walk a little faster as it becomes clear that whatever it is was getting closer to me with each passing second. The sound gets closer and I turn my fast walk into a sprint down the hallway. I hear yelling, it sounds like from a person, but more primal, more…Fearsome.
I turn around for a moment and to my surprise, it is, in fact another person. But, as I slow my pace as I think it’s just one of the doctors or nurses finally coming to help me, the person doesn’t stop…
It’s a man, very thin, pale, wearing a green, almost translucent gown the same as mine. Nothing seems to be a wrong with him, other than the fact that it he was running full speed at me and the fact that he was the one screaming that…horrid scream, made it more terrifying
“Get down kid!” I hear a male voice shout, I turn, and as I do it’s just in time to duck as a man jumps over me. He lunges at the screaming man as he looks like he tries to turn around to get away from the man. He’s wearing a doctor’s uniform, but it was ripped and tattered with blood. He lands square on the patient and pulls a syringe from his lab coat, uncaps it and, to my horror…sticks it directly into the patients skull…The patient screams again, and after a few seconds, goes limp under the doctor.
“W-Why…” I faintly say as the doctor grabs me by the hand and we sprint down the hallway.
“No time to explain kid,” The doctor says as he pulls me down the nearest hallway, we made a hard right and he pushes me and himself into an elevator. He pushes a button, but as he does, he freezes for a moment and looks just beyond the elevator doors…there is a woman there, she’s wearing a translucent gown like the man, curly black hair and a pasty complexion. She looks at us “Get behind me kid,” The doctor says as he puts an arm around me. The lady sprints towards the door, this time I hear something in her voice, she spoke to us.
“Please!” She shouts “Please stop…I’m not dead!” She begs, “I’m not dead!!!” She screams this time; I try to turn my head before I saw anything I didn’t want to, but to no avail. I saw the doctor, I saw his foot go up as she ran towards us and I saw it kick the lady in the stomach as hard as he could, I hear a faint snap! I cringe for a moment in pain as I saw the lady toppled onto the ground, she twitches for a moment before going limp…
The doctor turns after a moment and manages a weak smile. “I’m sorry you had to see that kid,” I was completely dumbfounded for a moment, this man, this doctor, kills a person and then severally hurts another…
“W-Why did you do that?” I say, finally. “Why did you have to hurt those people?!?” I shout.
“Because they were dead,” He says calmly. “Sorry you had to see that…”
“Daemon, I’m not sure what’s happening here, but the simple fact is, those people, the ones I had to hurt, they were both already dead…” He says as he rests a hand on my shoulder, his eyes glued to mine.
“H-How can you tell they were dead already?” I say my breath shaky and my nerves on end.
“The red bracelet,” He says, “We give those to all the patients that have unfortunately passed on while in our hospital.”
My heart freezes, although, I guess it already happened quite a while ago.” I look at the ground, no, not the ground, my eyes wouldn’t go there, they are glued to my wrist…The bracelet. The red one, it all made sense to me now…
What happened to me, when did this happen…how did this happen. I thought to myself as I knew what was going to happen already, it didn’t matter how it happened, what had happened to me, it didn’t even matter when or anything else…All that mattered was that it had happened…And I was endangering everybody by just being…Well, I wasn’t even alive.
“Y-You mean like this one?” I hold up my wrist for the doctor to look at and give me the diagnosis…The last one I would ever receive.

Cthulhu Mythos

Yeah all the weirdos, all the nerds and geeks, at some point or another has heard about H.P lovecrafts fable tale of “The call of Cthulhu” and i must say it is an amazing book. So of course being the nerd and nutcase that I am I of course have embarked on making my own story with cthulhu and his other friends “If you don’t know who they are look them up i’m not gonna pronounce all their names for you.” But I ask my followers, what is your take on cthulhu, if you’ve ever heard of him, good or negative i don’t really care, feel free to talk to me, leave a comment, whatever you like, but remember, this is not me preaching about the all mighty ones here, believe in whatever ya like, I won’t stop ya, just give me your feedback, and who knows, I might mention it in my stories. “Not a big motivator I know but just go with me on this.”

People suck

It’s a given fact that some people suck, “Cough, Obama, Cough, Cough” Just saying. But it’s also a given that those people, are the ones you are trying to impress.
After school, guess what guys, yep you guessed it, no one will care what you have to say about your writing. If people like it, you will have to shove it down their throats to get there first. And believe me it sucks, i’m just glade I have the friends that I do that take the time to read my stories and give me feed back, along with you guys that is. It’s enjoyable. But remember, those people that kinda suck, yeah those people, you know who they are. You want them to read your stories, you want them to enjoy and have fun with the world that you created.
In the future “Prey on it” that you get discovered, I’ve had some famous people show at my school for a select few “I was lucky enough to be one of those few” Such as Echo Parker, the poet from Wyoming, it’s just amazing to say that I actually met her, and the fun fact is, is that she was nervous to show her first piece of work to an actual publisher, and now look at her, the freaking poet Loriet of Wyoming. Now that’s awesome, and it all started with her speaking in front of people, including the people that she said sucks “My words, not her, it was implied…no really.” okay, so ha, ha on that note just remember, people will suck, but remember they are your audience, and you have to be kind to your audience for them to be kind back.