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You are a god

Yepp, feel proud guys you are gods after all. When you really think about if, of course you are all gods, I mean what else would you be right? You create, you destroy, you decide what goes where, who lives and dies, who makes the choices and if no one, then you make the choice. You are in almost every sense of the word a god. You are a writer, but you act like a god, and that’s something to feel awesome about.


Writing as oppose to typing

Yeah I know, a lot of people like to actually type out what they are currently writing about. This is something I do most of the time, but if it’s a story I know I don’t just want to type out but actually feel what the character is feeling, then I do write it out.
Typing is fast, heck it only takes me a few moment to type something like this out for all of you to read it, but that’s not really fun for me. I like to write out what I can whenever I can, it gives you an opportunity to actually feel what your character is feeling, it gives you a clearer view of what your character see’s, feels, and knows. It’s sort of amazing to do that whenever and wherever we can, that’s why if I have the option, I’ll always write something out first before I even thing about trying to type it out.

Rude awakening

Guys, I have to say it, it’s not gonna happen for quite a long time, yeah we all know what I’m saying. Being published is not an over night thing, in fact it takes anywhere from three to even five years, unless you are quite successful it will take about that long. Now if you are quite successful as a write “props to you” it will take about one to about two and a half years, but that’s after years and years of writing and being rejected multiple times, but then it happens, you get published after a long, long time and after that it will get somewhat easier, now you have people you can talk to about the publishing, you are given a deadline and it will take a few years for it to get published again, but as time wears out and you become more skilled and your toolbox starts to fill up, it will become slightly easier, and easier, but remember guys the first time it happens, it wont happen for quite a long time and we all have to accept it and learn to live with it, we aren’t in any power when it comes to the final publishing process, it’s up to the people that are qualified to do as such and we have to accept that.
“Sorry for the blathering on”

Know your Mythology

Word of warning people, mythology is hard to nail, and in fact it takes a few years to actually accumulate such a collection of mythology that you can say you know something about it. I’m going on my I believe fifth year of both Greek and Roman Mythology “God’s and Goddesses ext.” all that good stuff, but it took me years to develop the knowledge and know how in order to say “Oh yeah I know a lot about such and such, and I know a lot about this type of mythical creature, it’s weaknesses, who killed it in battle.” and that’s not even half of what I have to know in order for what I want to do. Know mythology guys, if you want to become a fiction writer such as myself, you have to know it, and sometimes it doesn’t even have to be about mythology, anything really, not just Roman and Greek, any type will do really Viking, Norse, Egyptian, literally any type of mythology you can think of you can do, but you have to do it right, ha, ha don’t just make up your own mythology while trying to write about another. Now if you want to write about your own Mythology, no one says you can’t, and only you can decide what is right and wrong in your own style of Mythology, now that would be interesting.

Always show thanks.

I was recently with my Creative writing teacher Mr.Taylor, “Sorry Taylor random people now know, deal with it.” ha, ha but as I was showing him my blog and everything I was surprised that he actually thought it was cool that, aside from another student, I had made a blog about what we were going over and what I had learned in class and took it to heart. And i was thinking, I really do need to thank people because without them I wouldn’t be here, without the help of my friends and him then I really wouldn’t be here blogging about it, ha, ha. So thank you all my friends “Way to many to count,” and thank you Mr. Taylor. He’s the guy that always gives it to me straight with my writing, not just tell me i’m amazing at it, that’s not helpful to me at all, he gives it to me as straight as he can and for that I do thank him tremendously.
Always show gratitude to those who have helped you along the way to accomplishing your dreams, or even if you are still on the road just as I am, and who knows, our roads might connect at some point and we can walk together for a while.

Cthulhu Mythos

Yeah all the weirdos, all the nerds and geeks, at some point or another has heard about H.P lovecrafts fable tale of “The call of Cthulhu” and i must say it is an amazing book. So of course being the nerd and nutcase that I am I of course have embarked on making my own story with cthulhu and his other friends “If you don’t know who they are look them up i’m not gonna pronounce all their names for you.” But I ask my followers, what is your take on cthulhu, if you’ve ever heard of him, good or negative i don’t really care, feel free to talk to me, leave a comment, whatever you like, but remember, this is not me preaching about the all mighty ones here, believe in whatever ya like, I won’t stop ya, just give me your feedback, and who knows, I might mention it in my stories. “Not a big motivator I know but just go with me on this.”

People suck

It’s a given fact that some people suck, “Cough, Obama, Cough, Cough” Just saying. But it’s also a given that those people, are the ones you are trying to impress.
After school, guess what guys, yep you guessed it, no one will care what you have to say about your writing. If people like it, you will have to shove it down their throats to get there first. And believe me it sucks, i’m just glade I have the friends that I do that take the time to read my stories and give me feed back, along with you guys that is. It’s enjoyable. But remember, those people that kinda suck, yeah those people, you know who they are. You want them to read your stories, you want them to enjoy and have fun with the world that you created.
In the future “Prey on it” that you get discovered, I’ve had some famous people show at my school for a select few “I was lucky enough to be one of those few” Such as Echo Parker, the poet from Wyoming, it’s just amazing to say that I actually met her, and the fun fact is, is that she was nervous to show her first piece of work to an actual publisher, and now look at her, the freaking poet Loriet of Wyoming. Now that’s awesome, and it all started with her speaking in front of people, including the people that she said sucks “My words, not her, it was implied…no really.” okay, so ha, ha on that note just remember, people will suck, but remember they are your audience, and you have to be kind to your audience for them to be kind back.