Never Forget, always try to improve.

Rewriting simply sucks, we all know it and we can’t really deny that rewrites will always suck because it takes away that certain essence that we had the first time round. But in fact it’s quite the opposite. Rewriting gives people a second, third or even a fourth chance to go over their work, take or add things that should or should not be in there, change things around, make sentences stronger or leave them as is. And the best part is, the little spark that gave you the first idea to write that story, it will scream, it will beg you to keep going because it likes that feeling of being able to go over it again and your story will be so much better because of it. will it suck, of course, i’m in the midst of rewriting one of my papers and it suuuuucccckkkkssss. But i do it anyways because, well, I love it.


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