Know your Mythology

Word of warning people, mythology is hard to nail, and in fact it takes a few years to actually accumulate such a collection of mythology that you can say you know something about it. I’m going on my I believe fifth year of both Greek and Roman Mythology “God’s and Goddesses ext.” all that good stuff, but it took me years to develop the knowledge and know how in order to say “Oh yeah I know a lot about such and such, and I know a lot about this type of mythical creature, it’s weaknesses, who killed it in battle.” and that’s not even half of what I have to know in order for what I want to do. Know mythology guys, if you want to become a fiction writer such as myself, you have to know it, and sometimes it doesn’t even have to be about mythology, anything really, not just Roman and Greek, any type will do really Viking, Norse, Egyptian, literally any type of mythology you can think of you can do, but you have to do it right, ha, ha don’t just make up your own mythology while trying to write about another. Now if you want to write about your own Mythology, no one says you can’t, and only you can decide what is right and wrong in your own style of Mythology, now that would be interesting.


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