People suck

It’s a given fact that some people suck, “Cough, Obama, Cough, Cough” Just saying. But it’s also a given that those people, are the ones you are trying to impress.
After school, guess what guys, yep you guessed it, no one will care what you have to say about your writing. If people like it, you will have to shove it down their throats to get there first. And believe me it sucks, i’m just glade I have the friends that I do that take the time to read my stories and give me feed back, along with you guys that is. It’s enjoyable. But remember, those people that kinda suck, yeah those people, you know who they are. You want them to read your stories, you want them to enjoy and have fun with the world that you created.
In the future “Prey on it” that you get discovered, I’ve had some famous people show at my school for a select few “I was lucky enough to be one of those few” Such as Echo Parker, the poet from Wyoming, it’s just amazing to say that I actually met her, and the fun fact is, is that she was nervous to show her first piece of work to an actual publisher, and now look at her, the freaking poet Loriet of Wyoming. Now that’s awesome, and it all started with her speaking in front of people, including the people that she said sucks “My words, not her, it was implied…no really.” okay, so ha, ha on that note just remember, people will suck, but remember they are your audience, and you have to be kind to your audience for them to be kind back.


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