Force yourself to do something you don’t want to.

Guys, I got something to say. Doing something you hate, is a part of life, it isn’t vital or anything unless you want to be a writer. And believe me it sucks but there are going to be times where you just want to get away from writing, don’t. Carve out time for you to write each and every day, don’t take break, power through what you have to do.
My writing time is on the bus, at lunch, Creative writing class, classes i’m already caught up on and am doing well in. Do I do it every single day, yeah, do I sometimes hate it with a burning passion that is on the brink of becoming Super Saiyen, of course. But I do it every day, and that’s the only way to get better at writing, is forcing yourself to do it every day until you hate it. But in the end you will love the result.


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