Telepathy is REAL

Yep you heard it first right here people “okay not really,” But telepathy is real. Yep, didn’t know did you? don’t worry up until a few months ago I didn’t know either.
“The small cage sitting upon the brown table held inside of it a rabbit with a large 8 marked in blue on it’s back.”
Yep, guess what boys and girls me and you just had a meeting of the minds. I didn’t speak, move my lips, I didn’t even look in your general direction “That’s right be offended if you must” But i didn’t even speak to you, you’ve never seen me speak you don’t even know what I was saying was thought out…”It wasn’t.” But we did just have a connection of the minds.
I gave you vague details, “What kind of cage?” it doesn’t matter “What kind of white was the rabbit” it doesn’t matter, “Why is the rabbit in a cage?” IT DOESN’T”T MATTER, I could have told you the cage was exactly two feet across fourteen inches wide and had small, flat steel rods keeping the rabbit from escaping “If you have a rabbit in a cage like that then admit you have a phobia and you don’t want the rabbit getting out for a reason”
Or I could have told you that the rabbit was a glistening show white color with dull red eyes with bright pink rings around it’s eyes as it enthusiastically munches on a carrot wondering “Why is my owner keeping me in a prison?”
I COULD have, but that’s overkill, the only thing you guys needed to know was, there was a cage, inside the cage was a rabbit and there was a number 8 marked in blue on it’s back. Isn’t that more pleasing to you guys? The small details? It doesn’t put so much stress on your mind and it certainly puts less stress on my mind from telling you guys the simplicity of the rabbit. But back on track, yeah I didn’t even freaking talk to you people, my lips never moved and well I never even looked at you, and yet we saw almost the same thing, granted it may very in some places, but we saw the same thing. So yep, telepathy is totally real, go out tell your friends, tell them it’s real, and try to avoid the government when you do because they will either A) Take you to Roswell for testing or B) lock you in an insane asylum, I personally prefer Roswell because, well I want to see aliens.

“Passages from “Steal like an Artist, Author Austin Kleon” GIVE THIS GUY CREDIT, he’s awesome.


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