Building up your tool-box

I’m sure we have all heard this at one point or another, “What kind of tools do you have in your toolbox?” It’s annoying at times, but often what these people are saying are mostly to writers. “What kind of writing tools do you have in your “Toolbox”
It may sound weird but writers to have their own toolbox of creations, things they like, things they need, things they absolutely have to know in order to become a decent writer. Heck even i’m not a halfway decent writer yet. But that’s only because I haven’t built up all the things I need in my toolbox yet.
If your a writer you know what i’m talking about. Hyperbole’s, similes, linking and action verbs, Verbs in general, Symbolism tone, voice, theme. Do you think any of the greatest writers in the world just cranked out a book in a night? No it took them years if not decades to come up with a decent enough book to even be published, and even then only some of them remained alive to see their work published, many of them had to die in order for their work to bet famous “Edgar Allen Poe” For example.
Many of the greatest writers in the world had to develop their own type of toolbox or any type of carrying device that they had at the time, not everyone knew what the heck toolbox’s where when Homer supposedly wrote the Odyssey.
Don’t try to just go into writing blind, read book’s, magazines, fan-fiction, even the dreaded non fiction to get sort of a feel for what you need to do as a writer. Am I screwing up right now in some areas of this boring speech that i’m sure no one will even find remotely helpful, you better believe it buddy.


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