Just a little bit of what I have.

Animal Inside

This is my story, it’s not a pretty one, but it’s mine. Had I know the future held this in store for me; I probably never would have died in the first place. I guess, in my own crazed induced mind I sort of wanted to die, but not for the reasons you think. Let me start from the beginning, not the very, very beginning, but the beginning of my end, and your beginning.

Chapter 1: Death

“You’re crazy” James says to me as I walk across the frozen waters of Bas Lake in Riverton Wyoming. “You realize that right?”
“Of course I do James,” I say as I slowly start to skid across the frozen water. “But if I wasn’t, then what fun would that be?”
“He’s got a point.” Nick says as he motioned for me to come back to where the shoreline would be. “Now get back over here Snyder.”
“Oh, just a few more minutes though.” I say as I do a little spin. Nick was always the stronger one of our little group, his short, buzzed cut blond hair now wet from the snow. His grey aviators Jacket zipped halfway up his body and his hands inside of his blue jeans. He easily could have gotten to me in half the time it would have taken me to walk away from him, but I digress as I slowly walk a little further out. “I want to see how far I can get out.”
“That’s what she said!” James shouts in a hysteric tone. His choppy brown hair bouncing all about his face, his red and white Assassins Creed Jacket now flopping all about his body as it was unzipped revealing a Doctor Who T.A.R.D.I.S shirt.
“Shut ya trap,” Larry said as he pushes James off of him, Larry was big, African American and all around Doctor Who fan. His short, curly black afro now crimson black from the light snow that was falling, his black, leather Jacket zipped fully up as he almost tackled James to the ground and pointed his sonic screwdriver at his face. “Don’t make me use this you infidel.” He says in a joking manner.
“Both of you shut up!” Nick says in an annoyed voice. “Now Chris, get back over here before I kill you!”
“Okay! God you sound just like my mother.” I say in a quiet tone.
“What was that Snyder?” Nick says back to me, “Bitch please, if I was your mom I would have killed you a long time ago.”
“And that’s why we don’t let Nick babysit boys and girls.” I say as I slowly start to walk back through the path I made in the thin snow that covered the ice. The sky was a light and eerie gray as light snow continued to fall. It was mid-December and the snow had been falling for a few days now, the temperature was just above freezing (The first time in days) and we had all wanted to go to the lake to hang out for a while and have fun. We were from Wyoming, above freezing was warm to us.
“Do you want to die Chris?” Nick says in a joking manner.
“Bitch please, if anything going to kill me it’s going to be a heart attack because I’m fat.” I say as I chuckle a little bit. Nick does the same as does Larry and James. It was extremely nice to be able to hang out outside of school with all my friends, we laughed and had a good time inside of school as well (probably why most of our teachers don’t let us sit together in class) but outside of school we rarely hung out together, it was rather enjoyable.
“You may be fat,” James says “But at least you keep warm when it’s cold outside. Larry turns to him with an (I’ll kill you) look. “What, it’s true.”
“Alright, alright you two,” Nick says as he steps between them. “Don’t be starting what you guys can’t finish, or I’ll have to finish it for you.” Nick says as they all enjoy a laugh together.
I laugh as well, I put my foot down and unfortunately, it was rather slick on the way back, I wobble for a moment and fall on the ice. “Well,” I say as I slowly push my arms up, I feel the familiar taste of blood in the back of my throat as my nose begins to bleed. “Not my most graceful moment ever,” I say as I put my hand to my nose, “But I think I’ll live.”
“Are you alright Chris?” Larry says as I lay down for a moment and put my other hand up, my thumb up letting them know that I was okay, even thought my nose was at this point gushing blood.
“Is my face still pretty?” I say with a smile as I manage to push my face up just a little for everybody to see, I hear some silent chuckles that were soon covered up by a sudden crack. I look down at my reflection in the ice; there is a thin crack against my face, then another, and another.
“Snyder!” Nick shouts, “Don’t move an inch!” He says, I just barely look up and he’s already moving inch by inch across the fragile ice. “I’m coming to get you.” He soon is on his belly doing a military crawl across the ice, more cracks appear in the ice below me as I begin to become unnerved and shake a little.
“Well, this isn’t good.” I say as Nick outstretches his hand towards mine. He’s just a few feet away from me at this point and I begin to outstretch my hand as effortless as possible as not to agitate the ice any more than it already was.
“Just grab my hand Chris,” Nick says as his hand is just a few inches out of the reach of my own. I reach as far as I could without putting Nick in danger of falling through the ice. I look down and I see the ice spider web beneath me, I feel a slight sinking feeling and with a crunch the ice gave out beneath me…


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