The novel V.S The short story

The short story is a means of letting people know that you are there, mostly if people don’t care, they won’t read what you have thus far.
But sometimes a short story can indeed be really great and people will want to read it. “I refer you to my older posts” People won’t care about your writing, make it important yourself, don’t wait for others to make it important for you.

Now the Novel on the other hand, that is what happens when you have so called “Made it” believe me, it’s not. A novel is just a combination of 26 letters formed into the length of a novel with similes, metaphors, hyperbole’s. There is of course, a rising action, a climax, and a falling action, and a resolution not to mention the beginning where you mention your time, character, place, mood. of your story.

A short story can be just as hard as Novel, and believe me you will not get discovered right away, heck even the author of one of the most famous stories ever, “the Odyssey” Isn’t know, although it speculated the Homer was the one that actually wrote the story, but we will never know. But what I am trying to get across here is, when it comes to making a short story or a Novel, start off with the Short story, it will get you where you want over time, and once you have gathered enough means to make a story then try to go for a novel, but only after such a time where you are doing rather well with your short stories…it will pay off in the end.


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