Showing, not telling.

I know it sucks, it really does. Professionals will tell you time and time again…show, don’t tell…and it gets annoying, it really does.
Showing and not telling is basic story telling, as my teacher always says to me “To often I might add.” but he always says to me “I don’t just want to see the brownies, I want to smell them, I want to visualize one in my hand, the crumbs falling from the brownie and hitting the floor.”…my teacher really loves brownies, he always uses that as an example.
But as much as I hated every time he said it “he said it a lot” he is right, one hundred percent of the writers on here, and every publisher will tell you in the world, “Show don’t tell.” and it may be annoying at first, but it is a vital rule of writing that everybody who wants to peruse that as a career must learn.
As always, leave a comment, tell me what you think “Not as always this is the first time I’ve done this.” Leave a comment, I hope you enjoyed this and keep creating.


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