Angels can be just as bad as Demons.

Angels and Demons are common things to write about in all sorts of literature, they are very famous, and they stretch back almost to the very existence of time “if you believe in that sort of thing.”
But let’s all face it, it’s a classic story “Angel tries to save the world, demons try to stop it, angel wins, world is saved…” I know, just a little boring right?
Well, actually in some famous literary pieces, the demons actually turn out to be the good guys in the story, and frankly i find that so much more entertaining because it portrays that everything that we know about our history, culture, and among other things, is wrong.
The angels are the demons, wanting to purify and destroy that anything that isn’t considered holy…be honest with yourselves, are you holy enough for an angel to say so? I bet not, and that’s just fine, that’s the humans way.
But Demons, they don’t really care what you do, you can do whatever you like in this world, and no matter what you will become a demon or tortured forever in hell, well, who’s to say that hell isn’t all that bad? Who’s to say, that it isn’t the world that we live in now? What if we are already accepted by the being we once thought of as demons, for just being ourselves and not having to change…isn’t that the opposite of a demon?
Sometimes all a good story needs is an angel to save the world, but sometimes, just sometimes it’s better to have a demon to stand up against the angel…and win.


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