Writing for the joy of writing

My opinion on writing is, if you love it, do it no matter what. If you love to write and to read and to do things of that nature, it’s a way of life if you just love to write.
Writing is not just about getting famous from it, a lot of the most famous writers in the world have never even thought about getting famous off of their writings, in fact most of them had to die for their writing to get famous “Edgar Allen Poe” and it was only after he died that his writing became famous.
Granted, a lot of writers just write to become famous, I was like that for a few years, but now as I get older and my writing grows I have learned that, it’s just about getting a lump some of cash per book, or having your book displayed for all to see…it’s about the feeling you get when you see your book, and you look at it and think to yourself “I did this, I worked my butt off for this and this is what I wanted.”
I write just for the joy of it, and I know a lot of writers do the same, some of which I am very proud to say are some of my closest friends in the world. Who else just writes for the joy of writing, I’d like to know.


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