Getting use to a job

Let’s face it, most, if not all the writers in the world have had regular jobs before. This is what i’m talking about is getting a job.
Getting a job will not only help you pay for being published “there is always some price that you have to pay, little or big, there’s always an amount.” Getting a job will help ay for this until you become a respectable writer and either become more noticeable that you can quit, and even if you do become more recognizable you probably still don’t want to quit your job because it’s just a lot easier to work and get money each couple of weeks or so, instead of waiting for that small riches you get per book.
Getting use to a job is a really good way to get use to working hard on something other than your writing “I know blasphemy right?” ha, ha no, what i’m actually trying to say is that getting a job does not only give you money to pay for publishing, but it also gets you use to a schedule for your writing and that is another great thing, getting use to a schedule for your writing gets your brain ready to write when you want to write, and getting you ready to work when you need to work.
Sorry If I am being repetitive with this but this is what I was taught in both school, and also what I had to learn on my own so now i’m just trying to pass on what I know “Be it very little” To people who not only love to read and write as much as I do, but people who want to turn that into their career for life.


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