Being Turned Down

You will be turned down, believe me I know, publishers will not so much as look at your story if they do not find it interesting withing the first few pages. Will it hurt, yes, will it suck at first, hell yes…but you will get use to it because it will happen time and time again.
I honestly don’t say this to be mean, or to sound mean even a little bit, heck even my teacher he’s been published twice in his life and he got rejected I believe twelve times before a publisher finally said they would publish him, and he even told me that he didn’t even expect to get published.
Being turned down by publishers is just a way of life for writers. That is, unless you don’t plan on being published and just write for the heck of it, which is what a lot of writers do.
But don’t worry, some publishers will actually take a look at your manuscript and, based on if you have enough short stories or not, will give you a time period you have to be done with your book and, once done, will publish it within two years. That’s the time limit it will take to publish your story, according to a lot of the publishers I have talked to.
Take to heart that, if you are rejected by multiple publishers, it’s not the end of the world or your writing career for that. Eventually a publisher will like your story enough to want to publish it, to associate your book with their company, and that is a great feeling to have.


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