What I have acquired over the years

For me, what I have personally acquired over the past few years, some of which is actually quite recent stuff for me, has been some of the most helpful.
Try to crank out at least one short story a day, it will help you not only have better grammar by the constant use of it, but it will keep your mind fresh and active wanting to create more stories.
Dwell in the realm that is your least favorite, it will constantly be a hassle for you but it will improve your skills in the long run.
Create Crap, create anything that you can, whenever you want, it doesn’t have to be good, remember, you have free range to write the biggest piece of crap you want.
Don’t be embarrassed of your work. Let people see what you are working on, maybe they have some helpful hints or suggestions that you didn’t think of before.
Grammar, Grammar, Grammar! believe me guys I know it sucks, but grammar is extremely important and, as you can clearly see, even i’m not that good at it.
Be boring, sometimes it sparks creativity and inspiration out of everyday things, and sometimes that’s the best thing for writing.
I know these are rules that everybody probably knows by now, but these are just a few that I found to be the most helpful in my writings. Even after years of writing I still find these rules to be some of the most helpful. If you have your own rules or tips or anything at all, just leave a comment, I’d love to hear from new people.


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