The Last Night

This is one of my first stories I had to do for my creative writing class, it was about mid October and we were suppose to do a horror story. Granted I do know this is not the best, the grammar is terrible and there are plot holes. But this is not to show off, this is to show you guys where I started out as a writer, and I hope you enjoy it, if you have any comments towards the story please let me know and I hope you like it.

The Last Night

I awoke to a sound that could only be described as “Horrific” and “Fearful.” I take a look at my clock that lay just on the other side of my bed.
“1:30 A.M” I say to myself looking at the pale green lights on the digital clock.
I hear the horrific sound yet again, being only 13 years old I am terrified, but I swallow the fear and take a slow step down from my bed.
I hear the noise yet again, the sound fills me with fright but it is coming from my parent’s room, I fear they are having another fight or something and I slowly make my way out into the hallway. My Parent’s room is just across the hallway past the bathroom a ways. I have counted the steps it takes for me to make it to my parent’s room. It takes me a total of 16 steps to get there, and as I lay in the pale light of the bathroom that I leave on from time to time in case nature calls, I can hear the horrific sound yet again.
“Are they fighting?” I say to myself not yet ready to open the door, I hear the noise again, listening more carefully it doesn’t even sound like human screaming, it’s more scary more…animal like.
I take a shaky breath as the noise stops. With a shaky and reluctant hand motion I put my hand to the door knob, it is cold and metallic, and with a faint “Click” as I turn the knob…the door opens.
I open the door just slightly leaving a hairline crack in the door just barely larger than my eye. I look in and the light from the bathroom shines in from the hallway making it a little easier to see in the dark.
I look into my parent’s room and see nothing at first, but I can smell something in the air, I take a whiff and silently gag. The smell was horrific itself I can smell something musty in the air…
“Perfume?” I thought. “No if my mom was wearing perfume my dad would have loved it, she normally wears his favorite “Dark temptress”…but this was much worse. It took me a few moments but as I came to the conclusion that the musty smell was not perfume but the distinct smell of blood my bones chilled.
“If this is blood…then why is it now coming from my parent’s room?” As my eyes adjust to the darkness of the room I can see two figures in the dark, it is my parents, but there is something wrong. They are both laying straight up at the foot of their bed; their body’s limp almost sagging over one another. I take a closer look and as my eyes adjust more to the dark, I can see that their eyes are open in absolute horror, blood in the corner of their eyes and mouths.
I held my hand to my mouth to hold back my screams of terror, if someone had done this to them then my screams would have alerted them to me being there and possible doing the same thing to me.
“M-Mom…D-Dad.” I said very quietly to myself as I let tears fall from my face, as they rolled off my cheek the made a silent fall to the ground below.
All of a sudden I can hear a loud “Thump” Just beyond the door as another figure came into view. I dare not make a sound as the figure picks up my parents, I get a look at who did this to my parents and I am truly horrified by what I see.
The figure is about 7, possible 8 feet tall and skinny with what appeared to be giant claws for hands, long brown hair hung from its head, it’s facial features are animalistic, long sharp teeth hung out of its mouth as if trying to escape, Its eyes as red as the hottest burning fire. As the monster picked up my parents and slung them over its shoulders I make a sudden whimpering sound as I try to hold back more tears.
The monster looks in my direction, and for a brief moment we make eye contact…I have been seen.
I quickly make a mad dash for my room not counting the paces this time I am too scared, I trip over the thick carpet not looking back I quickly pick myself up and continue running. I can hear nothing as the blood rushed to my ears in fear, I don’t look back for even a second as I slam the door to my room shut and quickly get underneath my covers.
“Please, Please, Please let this all be just a really messed up nightmare.” I plead to myself while still underneath the covers of my bed.
I hear my door knob start to turn a very faint “Click” was heard as the door with a loud Creaking sound…opened, I open a tiny spot in my covers and have a perfect view of the door, I can see the monster slowly step into my room it doesn’t seem to notice me under the covers as it lays my parents just beyond my door looking back at me. I can see their faces somewhat in the darkness and can see their eyes, still filled with fear and sadness as if they were still dying. I choke down a sob as I lay motionless in my bed.
I can see it, with its blood stained claws I can see it writing something on the opposite wall just in my line of sight, I can hear it making sickening claw marks on my wall as it continues to write something on the wall.
When it finishes I can barely see it, I am too terrified to move even an inch. The monster stops writing I can see scratch marks on the wall but still I can see nothing not until my eyes adjust to the darkness. It slowly walks over to my bed and as it continues looking at me it places itself at the end of my bed, and just smiles at me…a maniacal and crazy smile that chilled me to the very core. Its eyes still fixed on me as if interested to see what I might do next, but as I look closer I can’t exactly tell if it is looking directly at me or just at my bed but either way I didn’t want to know.
As my eyes slowly adjusted over a few seconds I can make out more characteristics of the monsters. Deep black ridges under its eyes, absolutely no nose of any kind and almost pure brown skin…that’s what made it so hard to see before. Its brown skin was almost like a shroud that obscured the line of sight making it almost impossible to see at night…it was indeed clever as much as dangerous.
As I continued to look it slowly shakes its head at me, as if to say “look” I involuntarily move my head to the wall and adjust my eyes and I can finally see what was written on the pure white wall in almost crimson red blood.
My heart was racing like a horse in a dead gallop; my mind went straight to mush as I looked at those words written on the wall…those horrible 4 words I saw just before taking my last breath.
“I know you’re awake.”


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