Having a Killer in you

In a story, there are certain things that you have to do if you want to get a lot of emotions out of your readers. Not in all stories, but in a lot of them.
You have to be a killer, not just of the emotions that you have created within the reader themselves, but in the story as well.
Sometimes you have to kill off a favored character in order to get the right emotions that you are trying to get out of the reader, sometimes this is not needed tho, sometimes you can go through the entire story without killing a single person and everybody is happy. But in some stories you have to go “Well, why didn’t this person get killed off a long time ago?” And this raises a few emotions that are not intended for the reader.
But in a lot of famous books the main character, or a favorite character gets killed off and you feel sad, you know the character isn’t real, and yet you still feel sad because they died.
This is a great emotion to feel, bot from the reader and the writer, you want to create emotions in the reader that you yourself felt when you were writing the death of a favored character. If you can get this kind of emotion from the reader then you have done something right, and what better way to portray what i’m trying to say, then with Jeff the Killer. I hope you guys take into consideration and remember next time your writing your next story that, sometimes the best thing for a story, is to become a killer.


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