A personal favorite thing for me to write about is the internet famous Creepypastas. I’m sure most of us know what i’m talking about, horror stories that are internet based that have creepy, weird, or disturbing images along with a great back story.
Let’s face it, creepypastas are well…creepy, but we love them regardless because they make us think, they make us wonder, they creep us the hell out sometimes and that’s just awesome to be scared sometimes by something you know isn’t real, but still just scares the crap out of you.
For such short stories they have everything that we like about writing combined with the added bonus of being creepy as hell.
Just a few of my personal favorites “Ones that I find creepy”
Jeff the killer
The Rake
SCP Foundation
Everything .EXE
Abandoned By Disney
Many, many more I could say but these ones are by far my top favorites, they combined so many good things about literature, good story line, plot and detail are accurate for the specific story and, for creepy stories, they make sense.
Creepypastas have given me some of my greatest ideas for stories, some that I might post on here if my followers are interested, if you would like comment some of your creepyastas, figures from creepastas, or just any creepy story you happen to find, i’d love to see and hear them.


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