Choosing a side

In a story, short story, or novel, there are always the two sides as usual. A hero and a villain of some sorts.
Now in these stories you do have a choice, you could either be the hero, weather it be a regular person, a mutant, an animal, anything you want really, but it is the hero. Nobel and strong and probably an underdog just waiting for it’s chance, or, there is another side that is rarely in stories now days.
Being a villain in a story is often looked down upon from the characters point of view, they are always evil, always mean, always though of as being nothing but mean and associated with evil forces such as “Demons” or “The devil” I’ve read a lot of stories that view the villain in the story as these things.
But what if, just a few times, the villain in the story, was to become the biggest hero in the story? Think of it like this, Imma go Greek Mythology on you people,
Back in the times when Zeus, Poseidon and Hades were thought to be the three big brothers of Olympus, Hades was always thought of as the bad God, the evil god that looked over the underworld and was bitter towards his brother Zeus for tricking him into taking the Underworld where it is Dark, Damp, filled with the souls of the restless dead…you figured he would be the bane of the gods while trying to get revenge right?
Actually, Hades was just misunderstood, speed this up until a couple years ago, many, many stories were written about the gods including “one of my personal favorite books” Percy Jackson and the Olympians the Lightning thief, at first didn’t everybody hate Hades? Was he not a villain in the story, didn’t he want to bring Olympus down, heck I’ll admit that I hated him for the next three books afterwards. But then Riordan took it in a different direction when Hades actually decided to save Olympus even though he wasn’t even aloud to set foot on Olympus but only twice a year? Was he not just misunderstood?

Take this into consideration next time you are writing a story, sometimes the villain, can be just as amazing a character as the hero.


2 thoughts on “Choosing a side”

  1. It’s a valid point. I love writing stories from a villains perspective. In theory it’s not actually that different from writing a good hero – when you write a hero they have to have a flaw, something to make them believable. It’s the same principle for a villain, only the other way round. No matter how bad the villain is, there always should be something that he (or she) cares about that makes him sympathetic…. In fact, some pieces get away with the reader following the villain by not explicitly saying he’s the villain – by the time the reader has realised that they are a villain, they’ve invested so much emotion into the character that they will usually go with him no matter what he/she is doing. Stephen King’s novella “Secret Window” is a good example of this.


    1. Thank you, I love writing in the villains point of view, they are misunderstood. And you are right Stephen King’s Novel “Secret Window” is the perfect example of what i’m trying to say.


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