Having doppelgangers

What I mean by having doppelgangers, actually means a lot of things to me and many others. Having a doppelganger means to me having friends that share the same interests as me, which is all of them.
I have a multitude of friends that love to read and to write almost as much as I do, but they share the same interests in the same kind of genera’s that I do, but they have their own genera’s they like as well.
Having a doppelganger is possible one of the greatest things to have in writing besides your own mind of course. It means you get to talk to someone that actually gets every little crazy thing that you say and go “Na, that’s to normal, make it a little weirder” now that is truly a great thing to have.
But having a doppelganger doesn’t mean just having a friend to do that, it means you could put a persona in your stories that is a lot like you, the same interests, the same tastes, the same outlook on life. Meaning you have to put not only a piece of your heart and soul into the thing you are writing, you have to look at it from the characters point of view, you have to be put into the piece itself to get a feel for it, your doppelganger.

“Don’t just put a piece of your heart in the story, put a small piece of you inside it as well, and let it grow into something amazing.”


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