Tips and rules on writing

Some of the tips that I have been living with while writing is that, cranking out a short story at least once a day will help you achieve not only better grammar, but sentence structure, plot, and theme as well. Another tip to try and get better understanding of is, the art of making crap. Seriously, in your writing you have the ultimate power to create the biggest piece of crap that you want, but who will ever know? It’s your writing you don’t have to show it to anyone if you wish, just know that weather it is crap or a masterpiece, it is your writing so be proud of it and stick by it no matter what.

A few of the rules that I have found out over the past few years in both classes and just by basic information is that, there are solid rules that you never go past in writing, only the best of the best can barely get away with it.
Rule Number one 1: Never involve the slaughter of innocent infants in your story. “Personnel experience, I met an idiot that did and nearly got kicked out of a very nice class for it”

Rule number 2: Rape and other acts of that nature are not okay, only the best can do this and just barely scrape by with it.

Rule number 3: Never plagiarize work from another person and try to take credit for it without including them, or written permission first. “Again personal experience, didn’t steal idea, got idea stolen from me”

I do know i’m missing a few of the rules, but for now, at least to me, those are the major rules that should not be broken in writing, unless you get written permission for an idea you can take, are respected enough as a writer to include “Certain acts” in your story, and of course, it is never okay to plagiarize.


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