Picking a side

In a story, short, or novel, there are always two sides. A good side, and a bad side, both of which are pretty fun to mess around with.
Me personally, I do like the good side, but have been known to side with the bad side a few times.
On one hand you have a hero of some sorts, fighting for what he or she loves and will stop at nothing to make it happen. But on the other you have the bad side, misunderstood and hating what the hero has.
But sometimes, just sometimes the bad side turns in the middle of the story, and in the end turns out to be the greatest hero of all time…If i might add the creator of Atherton, in the midst of the story, the crazed king turns out to be “Spoilers if you haven’t read it” the creator of the fable world that is in our stars just above earth, it truly is amazing. Once a crazed madman, now turned back to the god of the world Atherton.

All I can add to this is, weather good or bad, each side has it’s own world, it’s own story. Which side will you pick?


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