Being Bored

Be boring sometimes, not all the time, just sometimes. Being bored makes your brain wander and think more. Doing nothing is sometimes good for creativity to seep it’s way into your brain.
Watch T.V for a while, stare at the wall in your bedroom from your bed, listen to music for a few minutes or even hours, creativity can hit at any minute from being bored.
Go for a while alone, don’t take anything and just observe everything that you can, the color of the grass, the color’s of the leaves changing, the smell of the air, or even the way your feet hit the ground. Inspiration can hit at any time, but don’t just rush home and start writing stuff down, take your time to be bored a little longer and just notice everything that is around you, you don’t even have to go for a walk, sit around your house, cook food, clean a little, do everything that you think is boring or would be boring and do that for a while…inspiration will find you and once it does you will know what to do with it.


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