Musical Inspiration

I think we all know what i’m talking about here right? Listening to music is a great source of inspiration not just for writing, but all sorts of different things. If your feeling angry, you could listen to a really emotional song that matches what your feeling. for instance if your feeling mad, you might want to take a crack at some Disturbed, or if your extremely happy I should suggest anything by Paratonix or perhaps Imagine Dragons. Either way you will not be disappointed in any type of music that you choose because, it’s limitless.
Music is limitless, much like creativity and nothing can combine the two things I really like better than a good song. Let’s face it music is creativity and writing wrapped into one, people pour their hearts and souls into these songs and create something beautiful that could almost never be captured again.
Creativity is much like making music, it takes time and effort to make it work just right, and if your hearts not in it…it will almost certainly never be good.


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