First Blog

Hello, not really sure how to start this. I am a writer in my small town of Riverton Wyoming, my life dream is to become not only an accomplished author, but a well known author as well. Writing to me is what breathing is to everyone else…natural. If your a writer like me who is trying to accomplish something like this, great I admire that and respect you. If you wish to share stories or novels written either by you or others, please share them I love a good story. For my first blog I say this is pretty good, thanks for the read.


8 thoughts on “First Blog”

      1. I like to have a lot of options when I am reading, but I guess if I had to choose some of my favorite authors from my favorite genre’s I would of course have to pick, Rick Riorda, Jeane Duprau, Stephen King. haha less of a broad spectrum now?


      1. Of course! As far as seeing some of my work, I hope to write some flash fiction/short stories soon to post on here. We’ll see how that works out πŸ™‚


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